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Founded in Seoul, South Korea, Chungchun Rice Dog, Chungchun meaning youth, became the first Korean hotdog brand in Canada in 2019. Vowing to bring the authentic flavour of Korean hotdogs to the Canadian palate. 

The experience and flavours that our hotdogs bring are unmatched. The initial crunch is well complemented with a chewy, soft sensation that comes right after. Contributing to the experience of sensory delight.

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Chungchun Rice Dog has something for almost everyone! Including meals, snacks, and drinks! Our hotdogs are customizable to become your perfect match. Customize everything from your base, toppings, and sauces! Get everything you want all in one hotdog.

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Our hotdogs can be eaten anywhere in any situation. While travelling, in-store, or at home! Our one handed snack makes eating convenient at every possible location.

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