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Influencer Benefits
  • Enjoy free Chungchun
  • Be featured on our social pages
  • Get early access to promotions and events
How to apply
Please complete the form below to apply as a Chungchun Rice Dog Influencer. Once completed, we will review your application and contact you if any opportunities to collaborate arise.

We look forward to working with you!

How long will it take to hear back?

The timeline for receiving a response regarding your application may vary depending on factors such as the volume of applicants, the duration of the application review process, and the collaborative opportunities available at present. If you have not received a response within six months, it is possible that your application was either overlooked or rejected. However, you are welcome to reapply at any time!

What collaboration opportunities are there?

Collaboration opportunities will be discussed and negotiated once selected. Opportunities can range anywhere from a collaboration post to a giveaway campaign. Once chosen, feel free to let us know your preferences! We strive to be flexible and accommodating.

What will be the primary means of communication?

If you are selected, we will inform you via email. Although our primary mode of communication is email, we also offer the option to communicate through Instagram direct messages. Once selected, you will be assigned a personal point of contact from our team, who will provide you with support throughout the collaboration process. Your designated contact will assist you with all your collaboration requirements, and you are welcome to contact them whenever you wish to collaborate again.

What is the criteria for determining eligibility for this program?

When reviewing your application, we take into consideration various factors, including number of followers, interaction rate, quality of content, and other performance metrics. As we believe everyone has unique strengths, we don't have strict minimum requirements for our influencers.