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Convenient, affordable Korean hotdog catering in Toronto & London.


When it comes to catering wedding events, office parties, or corporate events, planners are often pressed for time. Working on a tight or hurried schedule limits their options, and usually results in their getting the same old dependable food over and over.

Chungchun’s catering service can change that routine. Our catering menu includes very easy and unique concept of Korean hotdog made fresh for you on the day of the event. With our straightforward ordering process, we make switching up the food at your event or party as easy as ordering at the counter.

Chungchun Rice Dog Catering is the perfect solution for planners looking for more diverse and unique options for their events. We feature food you don’t often find on catering menus in Toronto. Your guests will love the new taste experience which is carried over from South Korea. You can arrange to pick up, or we’ll even deliver it right to you!